Wallmount Signs

Maximum impact, minimum space


Wall mounted changeable message signs provide a great option when there is no ground space for installation.

They can be mounted onto a flat wall and can be manufactured to any size up to 2500 x 1280mm. 

Often seen as community notice boards in foyers, showgrounds, child care centres, schools and as church message signs, they offer a great street appeal, take up little to no space and are very easy to install.



Wallmount systems have the following benefits

  • Made any size you require up to 2500 x 1280mm
  • Three letter kit sizes, 204mm - 150mm or 100mm letters
  • Clear polycarbonate, allen key lockable Anti Vandal covers
  • Full aluminium cabinet
  • We design and include all graphics & decals, as per your instructions
  • 300 letters & numbers with contrasting colours are supplied
  • Simple to install, takes 4 anchors to a wall or similar.